Hey 👋 I'm Joby Harding

I'm an independent web engineer & consultant.

Portrait of Joby Harding

For 15 years I've been designing, implementing and extending web apps and online systems. I 💜 working with the web.

During that time I've helped deliver applications used by the UK Civil Service, Sky, Deloitte, US Department of Agriculture, Berlitz, The British Library, Amazon, Sony, The Museum of Modern Art and Arts Council England among others.

These days I choose to work with SMEs, startups and agencies who need expert technical help kickstarting and launching app ideas, working with new technologies or as their technical wingman in high-profile client engagements.

In a nutshell I'm a straight-talking software dev who values building great software and lasting relationships with clients.

I'm based in Brighton, East Sussex in the UK. Outside work, when I'm not spending time with my partner, I love mountain biking on the South Downs, gaming while lurking on Twitch and coaching new developers at
Codebar .