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👋 I'm Joby, an independent web engineer based in the UK.

Portrait of Joby Harding

I help businesses build, launch, maintain, extend and harden web-based applications.

Gnarly browser UI or backend wrangles? Provide direction, throw me in at the deep end then go and put the kettle on ☕

Technical on Tap

Whether you need work done on an existing web app, to build and deploy a SaaS or back-office system, automate processes or a need a representative to help you communicate with your high-profile customer's technical team I'll make sure things are a breeze.

Move Fast

I love to get things done. With a wealth of engineering experience across the software development lifecycle and a background in design and illustration, there isn't much I can't tackle.

Easy Enterprise

I have extensive experience working on business critical systems, including enterprise software products. I follow community standards and best practices so you can be confident your codebase will be maintainable for years to come.


We've worked with Joby on multiple projects and couldn't recommend him enough.

He's driven, trustworthy, creative, communicative, and manages his time exceptionally.

Gregor Skeldon Consultant Digital Product Manager, Maverex

Maverex is a specialised global HEOR and market access consultancy.


Are you available for fixed-term contracts?
No. I can't commit to you exclusively but can agree to a fixed number of on-demand days for a set period of months.
Which days a week will you work for me?
I don't fix days as a matter of course as it tends to create a bottleneck. To keep your project moving seamlessly I flexibly allocate hours thoughout the month.
How will we communicate?
You'll be able to contact me Mon–Fri during office hours. Drop me an email anytime or speak with me directly on a pre-arranged call. I've invested in quality hardware so video conferencing is clear & productive.
Do you take on small projects?
For on-demand work you'll need to commit to a minimum of 3 days a month for at least one month, otherwise we can discuss a fixed scope, fixed fee project.
How long are your days?
8 hours
Will you commute to our office?
I work remotely. If you'd like me to visit for a one-off workshop or event I'm happy to discuss it with you.
Do you have insurance?
Absolutely. I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

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